Lansing Baby Fair 2015


It has been a VERY long time and I will be sharing a little about that in my next post. Until then, 2 weeks ago I volunteered to shoot the Lansing Baby Fair:)All I can say is –  WOW! This even was so much fun!! There were so many different vendors there and soooooo many babies:)This is just a few images from the day because this blog would never load if I shared them all, but view the rest of the images here!


Lansing Baby Fair

Head over to Willow Tree Family Center and check out the amazing, resources, programs and classes they offer!

Love, Jen

The Winter Formal….

So. This last weekend my daughter had a dance at her high school. Yes, she is in high school. Ugh. Anyway, it was the Winter Formal. Now usually she just goes to the school dances with a group of her girlfriends and one parent will drive and another will pick up. Maybe they will stay at each other’s houses. It’s just not really a big deal, there isn’t a ton of planning that goes into it and it’s all very casual. Not this time. This time she has been planning for a month on how to get her boyfriend (yes dad, I said boyfriend) to come to the dance. The thing about her boyfriend is that he lives close to Chicago, nearly four hours away. So as exciting as it would be for his parents to make the truck up here, have him at the dance and of course be able to show all of her friends that she really DOES have a boyfriend, what are the odds of that happening? Maybe you are wondering how my 14 year old daughter has a boyfriend in Chicago? You may remember recently I blogged about Bob and Dawn Davis. (See Brooke and Brock’s Wedding). Bob and Dawn are our friends and have been for a several years now. They have a son named Bobby, who is also 14. I guess it was only a matter of time before they would become attracted to each other, although I really never would have guessed this would have happened had you asked me years ago.

Bob and Bobby drove in on the night of the dance and arrived at our studio in time to get ready and take LOTS of pictures. They are sooooo cute the way they interact with each other. Sort of shy and giddy and a little embarrassed at times. They were both full of giggles and were just ecstatic to be going to this dance. Bobby brought Katrina a bouquet of flowers and a necklace from Italy. Sigh….. What little girl doesn’t dream of this kind of experience? The whole thing was like something you would see in a teen movie……..

I want to say thanks to Bob and Dawn for allowing Bobby to come to the dance and thanks to Bob for making the 8 hour round trip to make it happen. Jason and I really enjoyed having you here and really appreciate the fact that you are guys are amazing parents. I don’t think most parents would have done that and by doing so you made a my 14 year old’s year:)Bobby, you were a total gentleman. Thank you. You are a joy to be around.:)Not that I expected anything less because your parents are awesome.  Katrina has been elated since she found out you were coming, while you were here and since you left. As much as I don’t want my 14 year old daughter to be any more than 4 years old and still view her that way, I must say I am excited for her. What an unforgettable experience:)


Liz and John’s Wedding :)

Liz and John were married on a gorgeous September Saturday.  The weather originally called for severe storms and we got nothing but sun shine for the whole day. I wish I could tell you about how amazing everything else was, but I can honestly say that I have never seen so many things go so wrong with other vendors at any wedding we have been a part of. We have had weddings that the cake didn’t show up, the dj forgot the first dance song, family drama, fist fights, police,  you name it. Without going into all of the details of what was frustrating at the time for Liz and John, I will just say none of it really mattered.

Liz and John both made it to the altar, which in turn means the most amazing thing happened. They were married:)

Even with the frustrations from the day, Liz and John were still able to keep a sense of humor. When we were leaving downtown Lansing, we stopped to take a picture in front of city hall and she wanted us to open the blog post with that. We shot it, laughed and carried on with pictures. When I was editing I was still planning to open with it and say something funny. However, I noticed when I was editing the image that even if they had only had a city hall wedding, the outcome would still be the same and that is what matters most. They wouldn’t have had all of the bonus stuff, but they would still have each other. And seriously, look how cute they even look standing by the road without any fancy posing, in front of the city hall……

The thing to remember with any wedding is this…..

As long as you both show up, along with someone to marry you, you’re golden. You don’t even need someone to sign your marriage license! Jason and I could do it for you:)Every single other thing that is involved with a wedding is bonus. That’s all. Bonus. None of it is necessary. As long as you both show up something amazing can happen – a marriage.

Liz and John, you guys are amazing people. We thoroughly enjoyed being apart of your day. We had so much fun at your day after session with you guys and your daughter and I am super excited to post those images!! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

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Nick and Katie :)

Nick and Katie are friends of our family. When Nick proposed to Katie we were counting down the days until they would ask us to shoot the wedding:)

Nick began his wedding getting a shave by his dad, Rick. In case you have never had the pleasure of making it into their barber shop in Okemos –  The Shave, you are missing out! We did a feature on their shop last year and you can check that out here. Katie had her hair and make up done at her house and OMG her dress was to die for:) The wedding was at The English Inn in Eaton Rapids. This is probably one of my favorite venues locally for a wedding. It is super cute, quaint, the guest rooms are really pretty and the food is wonderful. In fact, the fish and chips in the pub may be the best I have ever had. Just sayin’:)The grounds around the inn are breath taking and the weather the day of the wedding turned out to perfect. Katie and Nick both looked amazing and wait until you get to see how adorable the flower girls are in these pics! The ceremony and reception were perfect, along with every other aspect of the wedding.  It was really an honor to be there to document this moment in their journey.  I also loved the fact that I got to spend the day with friends that I consider family:)Even more exciting, Nick’s sister Mindy and Katie are both pregnant! So keep an eye out for some baby pics! Whoop whoop!

There will be many more pics posted at tomorrow!!

I never posted their engagement pics, so I will leave you with one at the end of the wedding pictures. Enjoy!

Venue: The English Inn

Cake: A Piece O’ Cake

Florist: Petal and Forrest

Video: Owen Video

Dress: Lett’s Bridal

Brooke and Brock :)

I had my stroke on a Thursday and Brooke and Brock’s wedding was the Sunday right after.  I was trying to explain my neurologist at Sparrow Hospital that he should release me because I needed to be there to shoot. He asked me how I was planning to shoot a wedding and not be able to talk. I replied, “I don’t need to talk to shoot”. Jason and my family were practically begging me to stay in the hospital for as long as they wanted to keep me. I was refusing. You see, I LOVE Brooke and Brock. They are one of THE sweetest couples that we have worked with to date. When we booked their wedding, they came in and signed their contract and we went right out to shoot their engagement session downtown. They were so much fun and up for anything. I was VERY excited for their wedding……

Sooo, while lying in the hospital bed Jason reasoned with me. “Jen, please don’t go shoot this wedding. I will find someone to shoot it with me. You can’t handle the stress and it’s a long way away if anything happens.” So I sat there with tears in my eyes, frustrated beyond belief. Then Jason said, “What if I can get Bob to go?” Bob and Dawn Davis are good friends of ours in the Chicago area. I go and shoot with Bob here and there for weddings and they are both an inspiration to me. When we get the time to hang out together, I always come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. They are really amazing and genuine friends. However, Bob has a ton of his own weddings, teaches seminars, speaks at conventions, has 2 kids of his own and I am sure would like a Sunday off it’s possible right? Totally assuming Bob is not going to have time to go, but if he does I know Bob is an amazing photographer, and tired of trying to argue about why I should go with my family (and only being able to spit out 2-5 word sentences) I shake my head yes and say, “only if he can go.”

Jason makes a phone call and walks back in the room and tells me Bob is coming and he’s bringing his son, Bobby. And Jason didn’t even have to ask, because Dawn offered before he got around to it. I cannot explain how I felt in that moment and how I still feel about that moment now. It brings tears to my eyes to think about not only how relieved I felt, but also how much I appreciated that he would do that for me. Jason and I are usually the first to jump and help someone out and often get taken advantage of. It’s hard for us to ask for help from someone else and even harder to take it. Knowing Bob was willing to take time out of his busy life, make the trip into Michigan and shoot this wedding on such short notice was an awesome feeling and literally made me cry and I am not supposed to mention it, but it made Jason cry too.  So for that – thank you Bob and Bobby:)

So on to the wedding:)
Although I didn’t get to attend, the wedding was beautiful. Really beautiful. When I looked through the images that Jason, Bob and Bobby shot, I felt like I had been there. The wedding was stellar, Brooke was stunning and Brock was handsome himself too:)AND at the end of the evening,  they sent out lanterns! I LOVE lanterns. Jason was really excited about how in love they truly seemed and you have to understand, as wedding photographers, we see so many couples in love, but he left feeling inspired by their love and wanted me to add this – Brooke and Brock, please send us an invite to your 50th wedding anniversary party!

Brooke and Brock have been the most understanding, caring, compassionate and patient couple throughout this entire process. For that Brooke and Brock, I appreciate you. I cannot explain to you how much we needed it.

And to make me feel better about not being there, I asked Jason to offer them a Day After Session so I would get another chance to shoot and visit with them before they headed off to California for school. We literally shot this on their way to Califonia. I mean, their car was packed and we were the last stop out of Michigan.  I am super happy with this session and beyond happy that we got to work with them. We wish you the best of luck Brooke and Brock and keep an eye out for a special thank you gift in the mail:)

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